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The perfect summertime activity is a dip in the pool with your family and friends.  You can lounge and soak up the sun or get in some exercise.  When you have kids, a swimming pool in Lafayette, LA is the perfect distraction from technology and allows you to interact as a family without being interrupted. 

Teach your kids classic pool games from your own childhood, such as Marco Polo.  To play Marco Polo, you need at least two people but the more the merrier.  It is similar to tag, and the person who is “it,” or the Marco, closes his or her eyes and yells out “Marco!” while the other players must yell out “Polo!” The trick is to otherwise be as quiet as possible after calling out “polo” so you don’t get tagged.  If you do, you are the next Marco!  If you get out of the pool in order to trick the Marco, and he or she yells “fish out of water” the player out of the pool becomes the next Marco.

Similar to Marco Polo, but without the yelling, is a game called Sharks and Minnows.  In this game one person starts out as the shark, and the minnows have to cross the pool without being tagged by the shark.  The shark is usually turned around, but he or she hears a splash that’s the cue to jump in.  The object of the game is for the shark to recruit as many minnows to his or her team, and the last minnow swimming becomes the next rounds first shark.

The whole family can also enjoy cannon ball contests.  Judge who has the best form, the biggest splash, and the furthest jump. Whatever you choose to play, enjoying your swimming pool is sure to bring you and your family closer.