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In Louisiana, the coming of Halloween doesn’t always mean sweater weather.  A lot of the time the weather is much like summer, hot and sunny.  This gives homeowners with swimming pools in Lafayette, LA a unique opportunity: the Halloween themed pool party.  It doesn’t take much to transform your backyard oasis into a spooky swamp.

If you plan on having a nighttime pool party, change the LED lighting in your swimming pool to colors reminiscent of the theme.  Turning your backyard into a swampy graveyard?  Set the lights to green and get out the fog machine.  Want to turn your pool into a witch’s cauldron?  Set the light to purple and add white beach balls decorated like eyeballs.   Want a living dead pool party?  Dress up some plastic skeletons in swimsuits and set them lounging on your tanning shelf or in your pool spa. 

To decorate the space around your swimming pool, you can remove your traditional lightbulbs and add blacklight bulbs or flickering haunted house bulbs.  Put plastic decorative headstones in your grassy areas to simulate a graveyard, or make glowing eyes to hide in your garden. 

For fun pool activities, turn traditional games like Marco Polo into games called Zombie or Vampire.  People call out zombie or vampire while trying to avoid being victims of the undead player.  Use your pool to set up a pumpkin relay race.  Buy moderately sized pumpkins and create teams of two.  The goal of the game is to get the pumpkin from one side of the pool to the other without using your hands.  Use your head, your feet, or other body parts, but no carrying!