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Some people love small yards.  Less grass to take care of, fewer leaves to rake in the fall, and less maintenance overall.  But what happens when you decide you want a pool?  Don’t get discouraged thinking there is no way a pool can fit comfortably in your space.  Fiberglass pools in Lafayette, LA come in many sizes and shapes, and, if none of those are right for you, a custom size and shape gunite pool could be right up your alley.

First things first, call Acadiana Pools and have them view your yard.  They are experts when it comes to getting pools built and can tell you what is right for your space when it comes to the size and shape, fiberglass or gunite.  Small fiberglass pools now come with tanning shelves and seats like their larger counterparts.  With a small backyard, thoroughly planning out the space is essential to make sure you have everything you want and more out of your outdoor oasis.  Ask yourself questions such as “is it essential to keep a grassy area?” or “do I want my pool right next to the fence?”  All of these questions will help determine placement and design. 

Next to think about is how your pool will be used.  Is it going to be a fitness tool for exercise?  Do you plan to lounge in it with a cocktail talking with dear friends?  Or do you want a place for your kids to cool off in the summer and enjoy the outdoors?  Lap pools are popular and great for small backyards if you’re an avid swimmer and want to enjoy this at your own home.  Lounge pools with tanning shelves and ample seating are available for small backyards, and can be customized to suit your space if you choose a gunite pool.  For kids, small swimming pools can come with waterfalls, sprinkles, and slides to boot.