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Owning a pool means you can enjoy one of the best workouts your body can get in your own backyard.  Swimming increases muscle definition, builds bone mass, increases flexibility, and is comparable to running when it comes to calories burned.  Swimming uses almost every muscle your body has.  Your arms pull your body through the water while your legs propel you. Your core twists and rotates while you kick and pull.  Your heart pumps faster and stronger. 


Everyone knows that exercising provides our body with natural endorphins.  So what makes swimming special when it comes to easing depression and stress?  While providing a workout comparable to running for intensity, it also provides stretching similar to that of a yoga class.  The rhythmic pattern of inhaling and exhaling while swimming mimics stress-reducing breathing exercises. According to a government study, one of the benefits of swimming is called hippocampal neurogenesis.  That means swimming can help your brain repair itself from damage caused by stress.


Owning a pool is number one when it comes to family time in the warm months.  You can play games with your kids in the pool without technological interference.  Your whole family can reap the benefits of swimming both physically and mentally.  With the intense heat in summer, swimming is a great way to cool off and experience the outdoors at the same time.  The benefits of swimming and owning a pool are many.  For you and your family.