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Perhaps the biggest drawback to living in Acadiana is the risk of hurricanes.  Hurricane season for the Atlantic runs from June to November, and can be a stressful five months if the season is a busy one.  Most people know how to prepare their homes and families for hurricanes, but what about your pool?  With adequate drainage inside and outside your swimming pool in Lafayette, LA, the water level can remain as it is.  Make sure all lightweight pool items are moved into a safe place like a garage or shed, and close all umbrellas.  Shock your swimming pool as you normally would in any storm to make sure the water chemistry stays as close to optimal as possible.  If you have a cover for your pool, do not put it on during the storm.  Instead leave it off, as the high winds could pick it up and it could become a hazard.  The last thing to do when preparing your pool for a hurricane or any dangerous storm is to turn off the circuit breaker that powers the pool’s pumps and equipment.                

When the storm finally clears or you return home, the first thing you want to do is clear any debris in the pool manually with a leaf bagger.  If the debris is too large to be removed easily with a leaf bagger or you are unsure of how to clean your pool, call your pool company in Lafayette, LA.  Have them come take a look and help you with anything you need after the storm.  Have them check your swimming pool equipment for damage as well.   If there is no damage, you are safe to turn on the equipment to get your pool back in swimming shape.