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When you think of pool parties, you most likely think of the warm, sunny, summer months. While summertime is clearly the most popular time in the year to hold a pool party, you may also find yourself in a location where the weather around Halloween is more like the warm days of July or August rather than a chilly evening with falling leaves. If the weather is still warm enough at the end of October, why not throw a pool party? It could come as a delightful surprise to your friends and loved ones, who might never expect a Halloween-themed pool party—yet it could turn into a unique experience that they remember forever.

The Creepy Swamp

Purple or green pool lighting can go a long way towards giving a suitably scary vibe to your pool party. Combine this with a fog machine to create the illusion of a swamp. If you have the time to spend carving a few pumpkins, they will float perfectly in the pool and add even more character to the party.

The Skeleton’s Lagoon

A Halloween-themed pool party doesn’t have to be all scary. Inject a little humor into the event by setting up a skeleton in an inner tube with a drink, showing that you don’t have to be amongst the living to enjoy a great inground pool.

Bobbing for PumpkinsYou’ve heard of bobbing for apples, but how about bobbing for pumpkins? They’re clearly a bit too large to take the place of apples in the traditional game, but there are plenty of other pool games that can be played with floaty pumpkins—for example, a relay race where the swimmers can only push the pumpkin with their noses.

A pool party is certainly not what most people associate with Halloween, but it can definitely make for some fun and unique experiences and ideas. Pool-themed costumes, snacks, and decorations can all lead to a one-of-a-kind party that most of your guests will have never experienced, and since it’s Halloween, there are countless themes and ideas to draw from. If you’re still wearing shorts and t-shirts instead of scarves and sweaters when Halloween comes around, consider taking advantage of the extended pool time, and throw a pool party that your guests will remember for years. The pool installation experts at Acadiana Pools can help set your ideas in motion with beautiful installed fiberglass and gunite pools.