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Fiberglass or gunite pool?  That is the first question to ask when preparing to build your swimming pool in Lafayette, LA.  Fiberglass and gunite pools can be both functional and stunning, and both are long-lasting.  So, what should you choose? 

Gunite Pools

A gunite swimming pool in Lafayette, LA is completely customizable when it comes to size, shape, and depth.  Gunite pools are built on site.  The initial shape of the pool is dug out, a rebar framework is laid down, and then gunite is sprayed and smoothed to form the pool. Once the gunite has cured, a plaster finish in the color of your choice is layered over the gunite..  If you are looking for something grander, you can even have the pool done in a pebble finish or completely tiled for a luxurious sparkle.   Gunite pools can be shaped to fit the style of your backyard oasis.  Whether you want modern elegance or tropical decadence, your gunite pool can be molded to your desires.

Fiberglass Pools

For those with limited space for a customized pool, a fiberglass insert pool is the answer.  Fiberglass pools are built off-site at a facility using molds and then finished with a gel finish inside for a super smooth feel.  Once manufactured, the fiberglass pool is ready for installation at your home.  Because the pool is manufactured off-site and brought to your home already built, the installation process is much shorter than the gunite pool.  There are a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to fiberglass pools, so don’t think choosing a fiberglass pool will limit your vision for your dream backyard, whether you want an organic, curvy pool or a traditional rectangular pool.  Once your pool is in place, the coping and patio are installed and your oasis is that much closer to completion.