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Swimming pools have a longer history than you might think: the first known public pool was built as far back as the 1880s. Different construction materials have come and gone throughout this history, but one type of pool that has endured for many decades is the fiberglass swimming pool. Fiberglass pools were invented in the 1950s, and though there have been many innovations in swimming pool construction and installation since then, the fiberglass pool has remained the most popular choice for a variety of reasons.

When the first pools were constructed, it was a very time and labor-intensive project, and there were no contractors who specifically handled pool installation. Instead, the job was handled by general contractors. Today, advancements in manufacturing and technology have significantly improved the process and made fiberglass pool installation a much simpler job. One of the main benefits of fiberglass pools is that they can be ready very quickly: instead of being constructed on-site, fiberglass pools are pre-built at the manufacturer’s facility and shipped to the destination home, so there is no actual construction time. As soon as the pool is ordered, it will be ready to install.

These advancements in pool installation have also increased the options available in terms of the size and shape of fiberglass swimming pools. Although fiberglass pools come in pre-built configurations, there are tons of options, so even the pickiest pool owner can be satisfied that they’ll find a pool to fit their budget as well as shape and size preferences.

In addition to the shorter installation time and wide range of shapes, fiberglass swimming pools also have some benefits once they’re installed. The surface of a fiberglass pool requires less cleaning, and even when cleaning is necessary, the smooth and nonporous surface makes cleaning very simple.

There are several different construction materials available when it comes to pool installation, but fiberglass has remained a popular choice for decades. Although a pool buyer should research their options, fiberglass swimming pools are a classic choice, and it’s hard to go wrong with them.