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Fall in Louisiana doesn’t always mean sweater weather, but the reduction in humidity outside means beautiful weather and what better way to enjoy beautiful weather than to swim and enjoy your patio? With a swimming pool heater, your pool can remain in top swimming shape long into the fall season even with Louisiana’s random drops in temperature.  If you don’t have a pool heater, you can lounge outside on your patio furniture and enjoy the cool breeze fall in Louisiana brings. 

Take advantage of cooler weather by lighting your firepit and making a s’more night with your family.  Begin the evening with a meal made on your BBQ pit and enjoy the sounds of water from your swimming pool in Lafayette, LA.  Let your kids swim all day in your pool if it’s warm enough while slow cooking a brisket on your BBQ pit.

If you have a kid-free weekend turn on the sauna and sweat out your stresses or read poolside.  Make yourself a cocktail on your outdoor bar.  You can invite your friends over for outdoor cocktails and beer while watching the LSU or Saints game as well.  BBQing with friends is a surefire way to have a great evening in your outdoor oasis.

Pools aren’t just for summer.  They can provide great ambience at night when the swimming pool light is on, lending your evening an otherworldly glow and the relaxing sounds of trickling water.