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The temperature outside is getting warmer but your pool hasn’t caught up.  Instead of waiting around for weeks for your pool to not give you the shivers, why not install a pool heater?  Pool heaters are a great way to jump-start pool season when transitioning between spring and summer in Louisiana.  A heater is great to keep the temperature at a comfortable level even when the weather alternates between cold and hot almost daily and will allow you to get the most use out of your swimming pool in Lafayette, LA.  So which type of heater is more appropriate for your swimming pool and your family’s needs?

Gas Heater

Gas heaters can run on natural gas and be tied into an existing gas line, or you can install a propane tank for your pool heating needs.  While more expensive to run on a continuing basis, they are great for intermittent heating when the temperature outside can’t decide whether to stay hot or cold and you still want to take advantage of those warm days by taking a dip in your pool. 

Electric Heater

Electric heaters take longer to heat a pool up initially but are great at maintaining a constant temperature if you plan to use your pool all year long.  They operate similar to your home’s air conditioning unit, taking the ambient heat and transferring it to your swimming pool.   A fan takes the warm air and passes it over an evaporator coil and through a heat exchanger that heats up the pool water as it passes through and into your pool.  They are less expensive to run than gas heaters, but won’t heat your pool on demand if you want to take advantage of a warm weekend between the cold weather.

Whether you plan to heat your pool up intermittently to extend your swim season from spring to early fall or heat your pool up all year long, using a pool heater in Lafayette, LA is a great way to get the most out of your pool.  Heat it up for spring so your family can have crawfish boils and swim parties at the same time, or heat it up all year long for those who want to use their pools for fitness purposes.