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A pool is more than just a swimming pool.  It provides an outdoor experience unlike other backyards that lack them, and provide endless fun and recreation for the family.  Whether you choose a slide, a swim-up bar, a spa, a tanning shelf, or all of the above, your summer fun will be endless.

               Pool slides in Acadiana are one way to crank up the fun outdoors with your family.  There are many types of slides to choose from, from your simple slide, to the curving high slides, or the slides hidden in rock formations.  It’s recommended that slides are installed along the edge where the depth of the pool is 48 inches or deeper for safety purposes. 

               If you’re an adult who prefers to soak in the sun while laying back to witness the fun, a tanning shelf is a must have.  Tanning shelves are areas of the swimming pool that are 9 to 18 inches deep and are large enough to accommodate waterproof lounge chairs.  Another perk of tanning shelves is they make a great shallow play area for younger toddlers and kids who can’t swim but want to fully enjoy the pool experience. 

              A new trend in backyard pools are swim-up bars with built in stools.  You can use the bar for adult beverage fun, or use it to serve the kids popsicles or snack directly in the pool.  Some homeowners even have the pool stools installed next to an integrated spa for people who don’t want to sit in the hot spa but prefer to stay in the cooler waters of the pool.