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Pool maintenance is definitely not the most exciting part about owning a pool—that honor belongs to all of the poolside parties, barbecues, and refreshing summer swims that can be enjoyed with fiberglass pools or gunite pools. However, upkeep is very important. It’s all too easy to skip regular pool maintenance only to have issues with water debris and buildup that ultimately end up costing more time and money in cleaning and repairs. With summer around the corner and plenty of pool parties in the near future, pool maintenance is an important task that should be addressed.

Maintenance for swimming pools can be tedious and tricky, if you’re doing it manually. Thankfully Acadiana Pools offers products that take care of the most time-consuming and difficult aspects of maintenance, like circulation of the water. Good circulation keeps water moving and filtering, which leads to fewer problems over time like algae buildup or cloudy water. If you’re doing it manually, ensuring proper circulation requires the knowledge of positioning return jets as well as going over the pool with a hand skimmer to remove large debris. But high-tech automatic vacuums, like those that come with every pool installed by Acadiana Pools, will take the guesswork out of ensuring proper circulation.

swimming pools lafayette laThe pH level of the water in the pool is also a common maintenance concern, but Acadiana Pools has its customers covered there as well. With manual pH management, a pool’s owner has to frequently test the pH level using reagent kits or testing strips, then adjust the levels by adding chemicals to the pool. With the pHin technology installed by Acadiana Pools, these levels are constantly measured, eliminating the need for the owner to perform manual measurement. Additionally, automatic chemical feeders installed along with the plumbing will automatically make any necessary adjustments according to the pH readings, so this aspect of pool maintenance is entirely automated—one less thing for the pool owner to worry about, so they can get back to enjoying the warm summer days.

Maintenance for pools, whether they’re fiberglass pools or gunite pools, can require a lot of work and knowledge, but it doesn’t have to. With the automation services and products provided by Acadiana Pools, maintenance becomes a breeze, and your pool will take care of the most pressing issues on its own. That leaves you to enjoy the most important part of owning a pool: swimming with family and friends.